Where the dirt meets the road

This this team stupidnshinny's geocaching adventures.

Catching up with the Catchers...

Ok ok so I havent been updating we have 7 more catches since I blogged last.. I really need to stay on top of this if I am going to keep up this blog.. Ok ...

Catch number 3 was at the Bavarian Inn ..

Bavarian Blast 2

This is where we picked up the Stan travel bug.. it says he likes nature so I am thinking a drop in goodles.

Number 4

Don't forget to log it ( in the pine river nature center)

This one was an amazing container and yes this is a spoiler .. this is also when we figured out my gps on my phone is like almost 20 feet off.. not good sooo we are gonna need a GPS unit.

Number 5

Always Fort Gratitot

This was our first light post one.

Number 6

Blue Water

This one was by the blue water bridge.. it always shocks me how close to theses things I have been in the past and never knew they where there

This one was hidden in a non functioning drain pipe .. in the rocks..

Number 7

Mingys Cache

This was our first Cemetery Cache

Number 8

Who bugged City hall
This is where we picked up Lemon who is on a mission. Im going to try to get him over the border.

Number 9

Do you feel like we do

This was found while thunder threatened us from above.

Number 10


This was at the old fenton train station/ grainery / bean dock


so that is a catch up

Signature Cards part 2

I am two cards from completing my first series of signiature cards. They are all numbered 1-20. Some of them I am completly in love with and will have a hard time letting them go. They will have to go in a very special caches.

The next series I want to do are on little wooden disks. So thats the plan right now.

Signature Cards

I was in awe from some of the signature cards that I saw so I am going to make some today because it is raining and I can't go out and find anything. Everyone will be diffrent and be numbered... Not like that really means anything but it does to me..

Playing Catch Up...

Team stupidnshinny found there first two caches on the 22nd of May , 2011. The first one was Called Wandering On Deer Run Trail (at the Pine River Nature Center). It was rather halrious as I look off the path and say to Ed I think its here ( not saying exactly where encase anyone who ever reads this hasn't done this cache yet) After fumbling around trying to figure out the GPS program on my Evo, I finally said Im just looking where I said and there it was. That was it me and Ed where hooked. Here is a picture of our first find.

Sadly we had to leave before we could do anymore of this Series as we where meeting someone for dinner. After dinner and driving home we realized where going to pass another Cache site. We decided to stop and got out second Catch at the Fort Gratiot Walking Trail.

I only realized when we where putting it back that it the hiding place was crawling with ants. Good thing it was mostly dark when we found it.



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