Where the dirt meets the road

This this team stupidnshinny's geocaching adventures.

Catching up with the Catchers...

Ok ok so I havent been updating we have 7 more catches since I blogged last.. I really need to stay on top of this if I am going to keep up this blog.. Ok ...

Catch number 3 was at the Bavarian Inn ..

Bavarian Blast 2

This is where we picked up the Stan travel bug.. it says he likes nature so I am thinking a drop in goodles.

Number 4

Don't forget to log it ( in the pine river nature center)

This one was an amazing container and yes this is a spoiler .. this is also when we figured out my gps on my phone is like almost 20 feet off.. not good sooo we are gonna need a GPS unit.

Number 5

Always Fort Gratitot

This was our first light post one.

Number 6

Blue Water

This one was by the blue water bridge.. it always shocks me how close to theses things I have been in the past and never knew they where there

This one was hidden in a non functioning drain pipe .. in the rocks..

Number 7

Mingys Cache

This was our first Cemetery Cache

Number 8

Who bugged City hall
This is where we picked up Lemon who is on a mission. Im going to try to get him over the border.

Number 9

Do you feel like we do

This was found while thunder threatened us from above.

Number 10


This was at the old fenton train station/ grainery / bean dock


so that is a catch up


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